ChurchPulse Weekly Live- March 23, 2020



Get weekly up-to-date data and insights from Carey Nieuwhof, David Kinnaman, and other leaders on how to respond and lead effectively through the current crisis.

ChurchPulse Weekly Podcast is a collaboration of Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman of Barna, providing expert insights to help church leaders make data-informed decisions as you navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.



Join Carey and David each week to hear the latest data and analysis of Barna’s ChurchPulse Weekly Pastor Poll.

Glenn Packiam and Adam Weber

Watch the episode from June 1, 2020. Carey and David review the latest ChurchPulse data and are joined by guests Glenn Packiam and Adam Weber to talk about the reopening of physical gatherings.

Rich Villodas and Dr. John Fankhauser

Watch the episode from May 26, 2020 for practical advice on re-launching physical gatherings, the mental health impact of Covid-19 and the opportunity for a more deeply formed life in the midst of crisis



Carey Nieuwhof
Author, founding pastor, Connexus Church


David Kinnaman
President, Barna

Nona Jones, Facebook

Nona Jones
Head of faith-based partnerships, Facebook


Bobby Gruenewald
Founder, YouVersion, innovation leader, Life Church

Bianca Olthoff

Danielle Strickland

Henry Cloud

Holly Wagner

Jo Saxon

Jud Wilhite

Kenny Jahng

Skye Jethani

Mike Todd

Mark Sayers

Thom Rainer

Myron Pierce

Tish Harrison Warren

John Mark Comer

John Fankhouser

Rich Villodas

Glenn Packiam

Adam Weber

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