ChurchPulse Weekly Live- March 23, 2020


Mark Sayers Part 2

Mark Sayers joins Carey Nieuwhof to discuss the definition and role of networks and the impact they are having on how pastors and leaders navigate ministry, Covid and other chaotic cultural forces.

Mark Sayers Part 1

Carey Nieuwhof is joined by special guest co-host Mark Sayers for episodes 34 of ChurchPulse Weekly Live. In this week’s episode, Carey and Mark will discuss some of the 2020 meta trends that have impacted the Church and how those trends can positively impact the growth of churches moving into the future.

Carey Nieuwhof

Carey Nieuwhof hosts this episode of ChurchPulse Weekly and recaps some of the big themes from the first seven months of the podcast. Carey gives commentary as he shares clips from interviews with Mark Batterson, Dave Ferguson, Leslie Mack, Nona Jones, Haley Veturis, Andy Stanley, Albert Tate, Derwin Gray, Darren Scheske, Levi and Jennie Lusko, Pete Scazzero, Henry Cloud, Jon Tyson, Andy Crouch, and Mark Sayers.

Aaron McRae and Brian Wurzell

Aaron McRae (lead pastor) and Brian Wurzell (executive worship/creative pastor) of Hillside Church in Rancho Cucamonga, CA join Carey and David to discuss preaching and leading worship online, hybrid church realities and preparing for digital Christmas experiences. For research and resources on digital discipleship, online engagement, and hybrid church, subscribe to Barna Access Plus today. Go to to find out more.

Alejandro Reyes and Haley Veturis

Alejandro Reyes (CEO of Digital Napkin and Executive Pastor at New Vintage Church) and Haley Veturis (Director of Digital Engagement at Bayside Church) join Carey and David to discuss online engagement, hybrid church, and how to rethink ministry in the digital realm. For research and resources on digital church, online engagement, and hybrid church, subscribe to Barna Access Plus today. Go to to find out more.

Jim Sheppard and Christopher Harris

Jim Sheppard (CEO of Generis) and Christopher Harris (Executive Pastor at Crossover Church in Tampa, FL) join Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman to discuss church finances, stewardship and generosity during the pandemic.

Latasha Morrison

Latasha Morrison (author and founder of Be The Bridge) joins Carey and David as they unpack recent Barna data on race and discuss how church leaders can respond with a discipleship mindset when leading their people toward racial diversity and reconciliation.

Pete Scazzero

Pete Scazzero (founding pastor of New Life Church in Queens, NY and author of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality) joins Carey and David to discuss the pandemic’s impact on the mental and emotional health of leaders and congregants.

Dave Ferguson, Roy Helu Jr. and Glenn Lawson

Carey and David dive into the unique challenges of church multiplication in a pandemic with Dave Ferguson (Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church in the greater Chicago area and president of Exponential) and Roy Helu Jr. and Glenn Lawson (two church planters at CityLight Bennington in Omaha, NE).

Andy Crouch

Carey and David sit down with Andy Crouch to discuss meta trends, the long-term impact of the pandemic and how leaders and families can learn to be tech-wise in a hyper-digital world.

Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley, senior pastor of Northpoint Community Church in Alpharetta, GA, joins Carey Neiuwhof and David Kinnaman to discuss Northpoint’s decision to reopen weekend services in 2021, the emotional impact of the pandemic on leaders and the long-term positive impact the Covid disruption can have on the Church.

Mark Batterson Part 2

Watch the episode today, August 31, 2020. Author and pastor Mark Batterson join Carey and David on this week’s episode of ChurchPulse Weekly as they discuss the latest trends and a variety of topics relevant to leading during a pandemic. Part 2 of 2.

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