ChurchPulse Weekly Live- March 23, 2020


Benjamin Windle

To kick off July’s focus on Next Gen, David Kinnaman (Barna President) sits down with Ben Windle to discuss what Millennials are looking for in the church, how to be a relational leader for younger generations and a new approach to recruiting volunteers. Plus, Carey and David discuss recent data on preaching and digital church engagement trends for Millennials.
Ben has a live webinar coming up here on July 7. He’s going to be offering 45 minutes of practical coaching on how to preach to Millennials and Gen Z, so you won’t want to miss out. To learn more and sign up today, go to and click the “Preaching Webinar” button at the top!

Jeff Henderson

Carey Nieuwhof and Joe Jensen (VP of Church Engagement, Barna) are joined by Jeff Henderson (President of The For Company and former Lead Pastor of Gwinnett Church) to talk about the reputation and brand of the Church and how pastors and leaders can have a positive and “for you” presence in a community and city.

Charlie Dates

Carey, David and Nicole Martin (Vice President of Church Engagement at American Bible Society) discuss some of the data from Barna’s new ‘Trends in the Black Church’ report. Following their discussion is an insightful conversation between Nicole and Pastor Charlie Dates (Pastor at Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago) about the pandemic’s impact on the faith journey of black Christians and the challenges and hopes that lie ahead for the black church in America.

Craig Springer

Craig Springer, Executive Director of Alpha USA and author of How to Revive Evangelism, joins Carey and David to talk about the current state of evangelism, how Covid has impacted the way people think about sharing their faith, and evangelism trends in the next generation.

Nona Jones

Nona Jones (pastor, author, Facebook executive and founder of Faith and Prejudice) joins Carey and David to talk about the progress made and not made with race in the U.S. one year after the murder of George Floyd. In this insightful interview, Nona shares commentary on recent Barna data on race and diversity, gives practical advice on how church leaders can better shepherd their churches towards awareness and change, and the importance of motive, approach, and prayer when leading in person and online.

Terry Wardle

Carey and David are joined by Dr. Terry Wardle to discuss the need for pastors and leaders to have healthy inner rhythms, to dig up and deal with un-grieved losses and commit to an awakened and abiding life in Jesus.
Connect with Terry Wardle on Facebook or at His recent book, Some Kind of Crazy, can be found wherever books are sold.

Pete Scazzero

Pete Scazzero joins Carey and David to talk about his new book Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, the current state of pastors’ mental and emotional health and why it’s important that pastors foster emotional health in themselves and those they shepherd.

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Juli Wilson and Kayla Stoecklein

Juli Wilson and Kayla Stoecklein respond to data presented by Alyce Youngblood (Barna’s Vice President, Editorial) and discuss the life-changing impact of their husbands’ suicides and battles with mental health with Carey Nieuwhof.

Follow Kayla: Instagram (@kaylasteck),  Fear Gone Wild: A Story of Mental Illness, Suicide, and Hope Through Loss

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Dr. Anita Phillips

Carey and Brooke are joined by Dr. Anita Phillips (pastor, speaker, trauma therapist, and host of the In The Light Podcast) to discuss the collective trauma that the pandemic has caused, the influence and impact that worldview has on discipleship and trauma response, and practical ways leaders can walk with people through their trauma, mental health issues, and grief.
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Sharon Hodde Miller

Sharon Hodde Miller (author, speaker and co-lead pastor at Bright City Church) joins Carey and Savannah to discuss preaching to digital audiences and what is gained and missed when you do, what its like to lead humbly and confidently as a female pastor, and the opportunities and challenges facing leaders of smaller churches.

Raymond Chang

Carey Nieuwhof and Brooke Hempell sit down with Pastor Raymond Chang (President and Co-founder of the Asian American Christian Collaborative) to discuss the history of Asian American racism and it’s impact on the current experience of Asian Americans across the country. Ray also gives practical advice on what church leaders can do to bring about healing and transformation when it comes to issues of racism and justice within the Church.

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Glenn Packiam and Andrew Hebert

Carey and David are joined by Glenn Packiam (Lead Pastor, New Life Church Downtown, Colorado Springs, CO) and Andrew Hebert (Lead Pastor, Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo, TX) to talk about pastoral health, returning to in-person gatherings, and the challenges and opportunities of hybrid church ministry.

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