ChurchPulse Weekly Live- March 23, 2020


Pete Greig

Pete Greig meets with David Kinnaman to talk about growing a culture of prayer in your church. Together, they discuss how to hear God’s voice, rediscovering the practice of lectio divina and practical tips for leading a great prayer meeting over Zoom.

Aubrey Sampson

Aubrey Sampson (church planter and author) joins David Kinnaman to discuss the opportunities and obstacles she’s seeing for discipleship, the role of friendship in hosting difficult conversations and encouraging the everyday disciplemakers in your church.

Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer (author, speaker, professor) sits down with Carey Nieuwhof to discuss shifting trends in church attendance throughout the pandemic, engaging your congregation in the church’s mission and finding new ways to measure church success.

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Thema Bryant

Dr. Thema Bryant (president-elect of the American Psychological Association) talks with Carey Nieuwhof about collective trauma and finding healing in the Church. She shares practical ways to recognize the signs of trauma in your congregants as well as advice for leaders as they walk their own journey towards healing.

Matt Markins

Matt Markins (President and CEO of Awana) sits down with Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman to talk about what’s changed in children’s ministry over the years, how to disciple kids towards a resilient faith and the role parents can play in their kid’s spiritual growth.

Check out Awana’s Child Discipleship Forum to learn more about the work they’re doing.

Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley (senior pastor of North Point Ministries) sits down with Carey Nieuwhof to discuss pastoral burnout and political polarization in the Church. He shares new ways he’s thinking about attendance during the pandemic, what he’s learned from preaching to an empty room and why Christians have become more passionate about ideology over theology.

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Brad & Leah Leach

Brad & Leah Leach (pastors at City Life Philly) talk with Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman about celebrating the volunteers in your church. They discuss practical ideas for volunteer support and retention, as well as the power of humor and fun as a way to honor the people who serve in your church. 

Lyrics from the Onesies.

Albert Tate

Albert Tate (Lead Pastor of Fellowship Church) joins Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman to discuss how to engage in conversations on racial justice within the Church and the importance of extending unconditional empathy towards those with different perspectives. 

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Andy Byrd

Andy Byrd (leader with University of the Nations, YWAM Kona) shares about the zeal he’s seeing within Gen Z, how he’s answering teenagers’ questions around identity and what he’s doing to empower and channel the passion of one of the most missionally-focused generations.

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Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips (education advocate and former pastor) shares with Carey Nieuwhof his reflections on the challenges Black pastors are facing, the importance of local churches in meeting community needs and why he believes empathy is the greatest tool for social justice. 

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Heather Thompson Day

Dr. Heather Thompson Day (speaker, writer and professor) joins Carey Nieuwhof to discuss how to use social media as a tool for hope and encouragement in a polarized world. She shares some practical ideas for cutting through the noise online to have real influence as well as her personal rhythms around engagement.

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Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni (author and founder of The Table Group) talks with Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman about building a healthy team culture and how churches can better engage and retain their volunteers.

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